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Intro to Questions

Questions are an important part of any course. Not only do they allow learners to practice and apply their knowledge, but they also power tests, passages, and can be connected to lessons.  Categories are the structure of all question content. Both pages on BluePrint show practice and test questions. BluePrint offers…

Navigating Practice Questions and Using Tools

Practice questions can be accessed through either the Study Plan or Practice tab on the left-hand navigation bar of your course. In the Practice section, you’ll be able to track your progress for all question categories, begin a new practice session, and review answers for your completed questions. Practice Dash…

Using Custom (External) IDs

BluePrint will give every question an internal ID, but if you have your own identifiers, you can use those IDs in BluePrint as well.  These identifiers are known as External IDs. External IDs do not need to be unique and typically use numbers, letters, and punctuation marks.  The External IDs are not visible to lea…

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