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New BenchPrep Customers: Go-to-Market Checklist

Congratulations on all your hard work! You think you're ready to make your course public for the word to enjoy? Here's a helpful checklist to help you make sure you're 100% ready to go-to-market: ## BluePrint * _Perform _an **end-to-end user run through:** * Complete a few user activities (i.e. review a lesso…

Managing Institutions

## Adding New Institutions 1. _Go to_ the **Institutions** tab 2. _Click_ on the red outlined **New Institution** button in the upper-right- hand corner ![][1] 3. _Add_ the **institution's information** (Adding a contract to the institution is optional at this step) ![][2] ![][3] New Contract Fields: * **Na…

Managing Groups

Groups are an additional level of user organization available within institutions. While users do not need to be in a group to access courses, instructor users must be part of the same group as student users in order to view those users’ analytics in the Boost Dashboard, assign them curriculums, or send them messages …

Managing Users

You can create and edit student, instructor, and admin users in the Institution Admin Dashboard. To learn how to deactivate users, [click here][1]. # Creating Users The Institution Admin dashboard is the ideal place to create students, instructors, and admins for your institution because this dashboard also allows …

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