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1. Intro to Assignments

The **Assignment feature** enables learners to create and submit longform responses to a provided question or prompt or the learner can upload a file. Depending on assignment configuration learners can self-grade an assignment obtain a final score or feedback on their assignment from a user with assignment grading per…

3. Using Assignments in Learning Platform

If Assignments are enabled for your course, follow the steps below to utilize the Assignment feature. Accessing and Using Assignments To access available assignments, follow these steps: 1. Within the course_, select_ the **Assignments** option on the left hand side of the menu. **![][1]** 2. _Select_ **Start…

2. Configuring Assignments

Assignments are configured in BluePrint. In BluePrint toggle the Assignments Feature **ON** at the desired course to enable assignments in the Learning Application. Click [here][1] to learn how to enable the feature access. To set up Assignments in a Course, follow these steps: 1. In **BluePrint**, _find_ the appr…

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