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Offline Learning Mode

As a cloud-hosted technology, BenchPrep requires an internet connection for users to take full advantage of our entire learning ecosystem. Many of BenchPrep’s features, however, can still be accessed by users when they are offline too. Learn more about how to use BenchPrep’s platform while offline. ## Offline Experie…

How do I sync the mobile site and the web app?

Tell the user that this isn’t necessary! If the user is using both simultaneously or switching between them, just have them refresh BenchPrep Ascend ™ or refresh the mobile site to reflect the most recent progress.

How do I change my test date on a mobile device?

1. Go to the Study Plan section or the Home section (both will work). ![][1] 2. Tap the small arrow next to the test date. This will bring up a widget for you to change the date. [1]:

How do I turn on/off automatic answer review on the mobile site?

Tell the user to follow these steps: 1. Above the content of each question, you'll see a "Review Answer" toggle. Toggle it to your desired setting. ![][1] 2. When "Review Answer" is on, you'll see the correct answer and explanation of the answer after you answer each question, and there's no review page between que…

How do I access the mobile-optimized site?

Tell the user to open an internet browser on their mobile device and visit the same BenchPrep login URL as they would on a computer. If they log in here while on a mobile device, they will automatically be brought to the mobile- optimized version of the platform. There is no separate mobile app to access BenchPrep As…

How do I sort practice questions and exam questions by confidence level?

Tell the user to follow these steps: 1. On the header of the Practice Questions and Exams dashboards, you will want to open up the "Confidence Levels" section. ![][1] 2. From the confidence levels section, the user will then be able to select from the low, medium, or high confidence levels for the questions they ma…

How do I mark my confidence level on questions on mobile device?

Tell the user to follow these steps: 1. Review the practice questions individually, as shown below. From the Practice Questions dashboard, select an individual subject. Scroll down on this page until you see the "Review All" button. You can tap this button to review all questions from the beginning or tap a specific …

System Requirements

To use BenchPrep, you'll need a stable internet connection on a device with the ability to run modern browsers easily. **Google Chrome** is our recommended browser, but **Mozilla Firefox**,** Safari**, and **Edge** are all compatible. _As of June 15th 2022, we no longer support Internet Explorer._ _**Note:**_ _Suppor…

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