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Changes to Our Data Schema Effective February 29, 2024
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At BenchPrep, we are dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of our services. As part of this commitment, we are implementing significant updates to our data schema through Snowflake, effective February 29, 2024.


To provide you with detailed insights, we have created "Diff" documents outlining specific modifications to the data schema. As our platform evolves, so does the data we collect. The upcoming changes include the introduction of additional tables, columns, and adjustments to existing structures. These enhancements aim to deliver more comprehensive and up-to-date data. 

Interpreting the Diff File

To obtain Diff documents, submit a ticket and our support team will provide you with the the files for your review. For your convenience, the Diff files will also be published in the Data Dictionary after February 9 deploy.  Below please review the instructions for reviewing the Diff documents:


  • Additions (+): Indicates new additions to the schema.
  • Deletions (-): Signifies deletions from the schema.
  • Unchanged Lines: Parts of the schema that remain unchanged.

To illustrate the changes, here are a few examples:

Example 1 - 2023-03-03 to 2023-10-17
We've introduced the FEATURE_CONFIGURATIONS table, allowing a platform feature to have many configurations. For instance, the 'resets' Feature now supports a FeatureConfiguration defining the number of exam resets a user may have.

Example 2 - 2023-10-20 to 2023-11-08
The LTI_TOOLS table now includes a ROLE_MAPPING column, illustrating how LTI roles map to BenchPrep application roles for each LTI_TOOLS record.

Example 3 - 2023-10-20 to 2023-11-08
A new EVENT_TRIGGERS table has been introduced, supporting multiple Event types to generalize platform Events functionality beyond Webhooks.

Example 4 - 2023-03-03 to 2023-10-17
We’ve added the LICENSES_REDEMPTIONS table to record all license redemptions by enrolled users accessing the platform.

Example 5 - 2023-03-03 to 2023-10-17 (2 related updates)
The DELETED_AT column in the NOTICES table now allows NULL values, supporting notices that can remain on the platform indefinitely. Additionally, a NAME column has been added to the NOTICES table for better Notice management.

Example 6 - 2023-11-09 to 2023-11-30 (2 related updates)
A new CREDIT_ISSUANCES table has been introduced, allowing Courses to issue credits. To further support credit issuance, the CONTENT_PACKAGES table now includes a new boolean IS_CREDIT_ISSUING column.


These changes may necessitate adjustments in how you interact with and utilize the data exported from our platform.  We highly recommend reviewing the Diff document to understand the impact on your current setups and reporting processes. 


Next steps:

1. Request the Diff documents

2. Review the Diff documents

3. Assess the impact on your current data usage and reporting


For any questions or assistance regarding these changes, submit a ticket here


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