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Where to Include Assets in Courses
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While adding an asset to a BenchPrep course, you will need to specify where in the course this asset will appear (Asset-based courses will always appear and launch from the Learning Hub). An asset can either appear in the Interactions section of the course, or it can be embedded in a lesson. It is possible to have some assets appear in the Interactions section and have other assets be embedded within lessons in the same course; you can also upload the same asset twice, placing one in the Interactions section and the other in a lesson. The learner’s experience with each asset will vary slightly depending on its location. 


There is no “best” choice for where an asset should go in a BenchPrep course. Ultimately, the experience you want learners to have will determine the ideal location for an asset. Embedding assets in a lesson provides learners with a seamless experience that keeps them grounded in the BenchPrep platform, while adding assets to the Interactions section allows you to implement stricter criteria on when an asset is considered complete. 


Interactions Section


When assets are in the Interactions section: 


  • Learners can view a listing of all standalone assets (i.e. all assets that are not embedded in lessons) in the Interactions section. 
  • Assets can be added to the Structured Study Plan as Study Tasks. An asset-based Study Task can include one asset per Study Task. 
  • Content managers can control (via BluePrint) whether the asset opens in the same browser tab as the course, or if the asset opens in a new window. This setting can be updated at any time. 
  • To complete an asset, the learner needs to fulfill the asset’s specific completion criteria. Depending on the asset type, completion criteria are established in the content authoring tool where the asset was created (SCORM, cmi5, xAPI, LTI, AICC) or within BluePrint during the asset upload process (PDF, video/audio). URL assets are marked as "complete" as soon as the learner accesses the URL.
  • Skillable labs may be uploaded as assets, provided that you have worked with the BenchPrep Team to set up the proper integration. 


Embedded in a Lesson


When assets are embedded in a lesson: 


  • They do not appear in the Interactions section of the course. 
  • Lessons that include embedded assets can be part of lesson-based Study Tasks. A lesson-based Study Task can include multiple lessons, allowing for a single Study Task to include multiple assets. 
  • There is no limit on how many assets can be embedded within a single lesson. 
  • While adding the asset to BluePrint, the content manager must designate that the asset will be embedded in a lesson (they do not need to specify which lesson it will appear in). Once this setting has been selected, it cannot be changed. In order to move this asset to the Interactions section, the content manager would first delete the existing asset, then reupload the asset while setting the “Asset Display” field to include the asset in the Interactions section. 
  • When the learner marks a Confidence Level on the lesson, both the lesson and the asset are considered complete. The learner does not need to meet the asset’s individual completion criteria for the asset to be considered complete. 

Skillable labs cannot be embedded in a lesson. 


Both Locations


Regardless of where an asset is located: 

  • The BenchPrep platform will collect and store the data points you select during the upload process in BluePrint. 
  • The asset will be available to learners on both desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Advanced engagement data is available via Snowflake. 
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