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Milestones FAQ
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Review Common Milestones Questions below


Q: Can I implement milestones within a live course? Will existing users be affected? 

A: We strongly encourage milestones setup and configuration before a course has been released to live learners. Implementing milestones within a live course with active users can affect their learning experience and affect data.


Q: How do I update existing milestones? I need to redo my existing milestones (add/remove) content items, update order, update milestone name, descriptions, etc.. How can I do this?

A: Any changes you would like to make to existing milestones will require a submission of an updated CSV file to our support team. Old milestones will be removed and new templates will be updated. Aside from providing the CSV file, let support know what exactly you are wishing to change. The more details we have the easier it will be to validate and process the updated file! 


Q: Can a milestone be used to unlock a certificate? 

A: Yes, but not directly. Certificates are issued once the study plan is completed, but certificates can’t be locked. To have this as part of your study plan, we recommend creating a final lesson in the course that is unlocked after everything has been completed that includes a message congratulating learners on course completion that contains information as to where they can find, access, and download the certificate. 


Q: Can I use Milestones to unlock a Skillable Lab or SCORM? Or require my learners to complete a SCORM or lab before moving on to other content? 

A: Yes! When setting up this requirement ensure ‘interactions’ is listed in Milestone Type column - refer to the Milestone Type CSV column definition. 

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