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How to Import Content to BluePrint
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BluePrint is BenchPrep’s Content Management System. Our CMS makes it possible to import and categorize content in bulk. Our Import tool (located in Other Tools under Utilities) ingests content, categories, and connections as well as multimedia assets and images. Once an import is successful, all of this content becomes accessible in the left-hand navigation under Content and Structure. After publishing changes, the content will appear on your course, viewable to an end user!


Best practice is to import content in this order: 

  1. Zipped content: 
    1. Images 
    2. Multimedia Assets (Video and Audio) 
  2. Lessons + Categories 
  3. Flashcards + Categories 
  4. Questions + Categories 
    1. Practice and Test questions together 
  5. Study Plan 
    1. Study Tasks 
    2. Study Task Groups

Images do not need to be imported at the beginning; you can also import images in bulk at the same time as the Lessons, Flashcards, or Questions that reference them. Multimedia Assets do not have to be imported at the start either.


If you need to create an Adaptive Study Plan, check out this article.

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