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How Do I Use Flashcards?
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Click on the flashcard to review slide one, click on it again to review slide 2 (the answer).  Next, select the appropriate response to indicate whether you answered correctly by answering “Did you get it right?” question to move to the next flashcard. 

Select the Shuffle icon to shuffle your flashcards.


Select the Adaptive Mode icon to apply Adaptive mode features to your flashcards. The adaptive mode adapts to your indication of confidence on flashcards (low, medium, high). It’s an algorithmic approach that ensures you will be presented with flashcards you have not seen yet, or the ones that you have indicated a lower confidence on.  It deprioritized flashcards you indicated you are confident on. This feature is only available when there is a set of 30 questions or more. If your course has anything less than 30 you will not see this feature. 

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