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6. How can I check the activity on a course?
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The Activity Log shows all actions carried out within a specific course. The log allows content managers or admins to track all actions that are happening within the course.


You will be able to find specific and detailed information from the Activity Log. For example, it's a great way to see how many updates have been made since the last build. 


Additionally, you can also apply filters to get more granular. To do so, click the "View Filters" link. From there, you can apply the specific filter criteria you're looking for. In the example below, we're looking for all the Successful Question Updates: 

If you'd like to get even more granular you can also click on a specific Activity to view even more details. In order to view more granular information click on the "eye" in the column titled "Actions"

Once you click the eye icon you will get another page that gives you information like

  • Description - What action was taken. There's also a link to the content piece so that you can view the content
  • Action - Type of action taken
  • On Last Build? - Whether the action taken is live to users
  • User Email - The content manager/admin who took action
  • Created at - Date when action was taken
  • Status - Whether the action was Successful, is still "In Progress", or if the action "Failed"
  • Output - If the action was an export there will be a hyperlink here to the export and a message that reads "Link will expire in 24 hours"

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