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Using BenchPrep on Your Mobile Device
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Accessing the Mobile Site

If you are using a mobile device, you will be automatically directed to the mobile-optimized site. When using your mobile device, simply navigate to and log in as if you were on your computer. 


Using Our Mobile App: System Requirements

To use BenchPrep on a mobile device, you will need iOS 14 or above or Android 11 or above.  Google Chrome is our recommended browser, but Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Edge are all compatible as well.  

he BenchPrep Companion app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Kindle, as well as all Android phones and tablets. 


Using Our Mobile App: Syncing the Mobile Site

If you are switching between using BenchPrep on your computer and on your mobile device and need to see your progress, simply refresh your browser to see your progress.  No additional syncing is required. 


Privacy Settings

As of September 2020, Apple is requiring that all new App Store Connect submissions complete a Privacy Policy checklist to let users know what data is captured by the app.  Without a completed privacy policy checklist, BenchPrep is unable to submit new apps or update existing apps. Follow the step-by-step tutorial linked here or download the attachment to this article for guidance on how to answer the app privacy questions for your BenchPrep app.


Updating Your Test Date

Here is how to change your test date on a mobile device: 


1. Go to the Study Plan section or the Home section (both will work).


2. Tap the small arrow next to the test date as shown in the image that follows. This will bring up a widget for you to change the date. 



Turning On or Off Automatic Answer Review (Practice Questions)

To turn on or off automatic answer review for practice questions,  go to the Review Answer toggle above the question.  Toggle it to your desired setting.  You will see this for each question.  




2. When Review Answer is on, you'll see the correct answer and explanation of the answer after you answer each question.  No review page appears between questions when it is turned off. 

See the following screenshots. The first shows the screen when Review Answer is on, and the second shows what you will see when it is off. 



Marking Confidence Levels (Questions)


You can mark your confidence level on each practice question from within the mobile site. 


1. From the Practice Questions dashboard, select the topic you would like to review. 


2. On this page, scroll down until you see the Review All button, as shown: 




3. Click on the Review All button. You will be taken to the first question in the set for you to review.  To mark your confidence level, locate the Question Confidence box at the bottom of the page just above the Done button.  Click on your confidence level.  To continue reviewing after marking your confidence level, click on the arrow at the top to go to the next question.  Here is an example of what you will see: 



Follow the same process for test questions. Not all exams can be reviewed in this way. 


Sorting Practice and Exam Questions by Confidence Level

You can sort practice and exam questions by confidence level even on a mobile device. 


1. To get started, go to the Practice Questions and Exams Dashboard. There, click on the Confidence Levels section. 



2. From the Confidence Levels section, select from the low, medium, or high confidence levels for the questions marked. 



Note: Not all exam questions are reviewable. Sorting questions by confidence level will only show questions that are reviewable and that you have marked your confidence on.


Notes and Bookmarks for Mobile

The notes and bookmarks features are available only on the desktop site.  To review your bookmarks and notes, access the desktop version of the site or access the course from your computer. 


To learn about Learning Offline on Benchprep's Platform click here.

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