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Introduction to Essays
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The Essays feature enables learners to create and submit longform responses to a question. Based on the essay’s configuration, learners can submit an essay to a grader for Feedback or a Grade (score), or self-grade their essays. 


Submitting an essay for self-grading gives the user access to the essay rubric/grading criteria for them to judge their own work. 


Submitting an essay to a grader sends the essay to a human grader (designated by either an admin or B2B admin) who uses the grading tools in the Boost Dashboard to evaluate the essay. Submitting the essay for feedback is similar to sending a first draft to an editor. If a user submits an essay for feedback, the grader does not need to provide scores, but should provide commentary to help the user flesh out their essay. After the grader provides their feedback, the user has the option to submit the essay again, either for feedback or for a grade. Submitting an essay for a grade means that the grader must provide a score, and the user will not be able to resubmit the essay afterwards - this is their final draft. 


Essays are fully configurable in BluePrint and available in Boost Dashboard.

To learn more about the Essay Grader Admin role visit this article.
To learn more about the Essay Grader role, including the process of claiming an essay, providing feedback or final grade, check out this article. 

For essay setup in BluePrint, check out the instructions in BluePrint Knowledge Base section - Essay Setup

To check out end user's essay experience, review Using the Essay feature article.

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