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Tips for submitting an effective support ticket
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When end users reach out to you for assistance, encourage them to leverage Support materials within their course as the first step. If they are unable to find an answer or resolve their issue, they will most likely reach out to you for help.


  1. If presented with a technical issue, collect all relevant information, including: browser, device, and full page screenshots, if possible. It is vital to get as much information from the end user as possible: When did the error occur? What steps did you take to resolve the issue? Can end users step-by-step actions that were taken that caused the issue?
  2. Try to replicate the issue to verify whether the issue can be re-created.
  3. Browse our Knowledge Base and any past tickets for specific answers. 
  4. Submit a support ticket containing:
    1. Relevant end user information including applicable IDs
    2. Description of the issue
    3. List step-by-step instructions for recreating the issue (if replicable)
    4. Provide screenshots (if available)Any other relevant information that can help our team troubleshoot!
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