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Viewing Session Detail Reports
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All Users

To view session detail reports, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Boost Dashboard and use the left-hand menu to go to the Session Detail Reports section. 

The Session Detail Reports listing includes all sessions that exist for users whose data you have permission to view, with the most recent sessions appearing at the top. Each session has its own ID. The listing also includes the name of the user, the institution they’re part of, the number of groups they’re in, the course they used during this session, the exact session start and end timestamps, and the duration of the session.

You can sort the session data by these columns (with the exception of the groups column) in ascending or descending order using the arrow icons next to each column name. You can also filter this listing by keyword (use this to search for a specific user), institution, group, course, or date range. Session detail reports are filtered by institution by default. 


One User

To view data about a specific user, select any of their sessions from the session listing. 

On the next page, you’ll see the user’s name, ID, institution, groups, and courses. Expand the Courses Overview bar to see the date and time their last session in each course ended, how long that session was, their total sessions in each course, their average session duration in each course, and their total time spent in each course.




In the Course Details section of this page, you can view all of this user’s sessions within a given course, including the start time, end time, and duration. Use the drop-down to toggle between different courses, and use the filter to view sessions during specific timeframes. 


Data Exclusive to Session Detail Reports 

Almost all of the session data shown in the Session Detail Reports section is exclusive to this section. The only session data available in the Analytics section of the Boost Dashboard are the total time spent by each student in the platform and the total time spent in each of their courses. 

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