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Introduction to Instructor Resources
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Instructor Resources is a module available in the Boost Dashboard that gives instructors access to downloadable files provided by their admins. Image (.jpeg, .jpg, or .png), PDF (.pdf), spreadsheet (.xlsx), video (.mp4), and zipped (.zip) files can be added to this page. 


Tenant admins can enable the Instructor Resources page platform-wide or for specific courses and institutions via the Manage Features section of the Tenant Dashboard (turn the “Enable resources page for students and instructors” feature ON). The Instructor Resources page will only appear for an instructor if downloadable resources are available to them. To upload resources, submit a ticket to our Customer Support team. Please include the files  you would like to upload as well as a CSV with the following headers:


  • Resource Name - The name of the resource as it will appear within the Webapp/Boost

  • File Name - The actual name of the resource file

  • File Type - The file type for the uploads (pdf, mp4, xls, etc)

  • Audience - Student for Webapp / Instructor for Boost


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