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Accessing Instructor Resources
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Tenant admins can enable the Instructor Resources page platform-wide or for specific courses and institutions via the Manage Features section of the Tenant Dashboard (turn the “Enable resources page for students and instructors” feature ON). The Instructor Resources page will only appear for an instructor if downloadable resources are available to them.


Instructors can access instructor resources via the Boost Dashboard. 


  1. Access the Boost Dashboard, and select the Instructor Resources tab on the left-hand side. (Note: If there are no resources available, this tab will not appear.)



  1. From here, instructors can see a list of resources from their assigned courses. Institution supervisors will see all resources for their institution for courses that students have enrollments in. Tenant admins will see all resources for their tenant.



  1. You can filter resources by course, file extension, or file name. After choosing your filters, click Search.

  2. Click Download next to the resource you’d like to view.


For overview of BenchPrep's Resources management capabilities and to request assistance in uploading Instructor Resources visit this article. 

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