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Introduction to Snowflake
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Getting Started

This article is intended to support our customers with Snowflake access. If you’re interested in leveraging Snowflake, or if you would like to learn more about BenchPrep’s Data Suite, contact your BenchPrep Customer Success Manager today for pricing!

Accessing Snowflake

BenchPrep will provision one administrator account for Snowflake and provide you with login credentials and a dedicated URL. The administrator will then have the ability to manage access internally by provisioning additional users as needed. If your company already has Snowflake access, reach out to your Snowflake administrator to gain login credentials and access to Snowflake. Due to data security and privacy, BenchPrep will not provision additional Snowflake users on behalf of customers.


Before Using Snowflake

Before getting started, we strongly recommend reviewing Snowflake’s Getting Started Guide and leveraging their robust documentation to make the most out of the tool.

  • Please Note: You are provisioned with reader access to your data, which limits some Snowflake functionality. Learn more here.

Review BenchPrep's Data Dictionary

The BenchPrep Data Dictionary will help you make the most of your data in Snowflake. Learn more about the Data Dictionary here!

Provisioning Additional Snowflake Accounts

The administrator can add other users to the account and provide them access by following instructions found here.


Snowflake 101

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is the market-leading, fully-managed cloud data warehousing solution that empowers thousands of businesses to store and deliver siloed business data from multiple sources to easily discover and securely share governed data and execute diverse analytic workstream. Visit Snowflake to learn more.

Why use Snowflake?

Through a partnership with Snowflake, BenchPrep offers a scalable, flexible, and efficient data platform where customers can ingest, store, and analyze large sets of data from their learning programs to uncover actionable insight, improve learner experience, grow revenue, and reduce operational cost.

How does it work?

Snowflake works by providing, at a minimum, web-based access to a replica of a customer’s data, which is refreshed at regular intervals, via Snowflake’s native tools. Customers can use the tool by 1) querying data directly in the tool’s UI OR 2) choosing to transfer the data from Snowflake into a customer maintained data warehouse to support broader data applications in the customer’s ecosystem.

Querying in Snowflake

Snowflake supports querying using standard SELECT statements and the following basic syntax:


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Learn more about the following Snowflake SQL constructs with Snowflake's documentation:

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