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New BenchPrep Customers: Set-up Checklist
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We're so excited that you're about to create your course in BluePrint! However, before you can go ahead and get the content in and your course up and running there's a few things you need to set up to ensure a smooth build. Below is a helpful checklist. Once all these items are checked off, you're ready to build your course! 

1. Set Up Your Tenant in Console

Be sure to Manage the Look & Feel which includes:

  • Assign your Logos and Colors
  • Manage Locales (Platform Labels)
  • Format your Footer
  • Format Your Landing Page
  • Set your Custom URL

2. Create and Assign Users, Roles and Permissions

Be sure to create profiles for your users and assign them the correct role/permissions.

You can find a detailed outline of this process here

3. Set Up Your Course in BluePrint

Be sure to:

  • Select the correct course type – is this a BenchPrep or Asset Based course? 
  • Upload all your asset files –  SCORM, xAPI, AICC, cmi5, MP4, MP3, URL, PDF, LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3.
  • Assign course access


Remember that BluePrint is a backend tool, so you should only give access to those at your company that manage content. They are usually Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Curriculum Directors, or Product Managers.


Whereas the Learning Platform is for your learners — this is the “final product” that is controlled by BluePrint.

4. Final Review

Check off the Go-to-Market Checklist

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