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An Introduction to BenchPrep's Product Suite
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BenchPrep offers multiple products to help you and your learners. Here’s an overview of what they are and how they work:



The backbone of our product, BluePrint is a highly customizable, web-based content management system. This is the place where courses are ingested, organized, edited and built before being available to the end user. This is where you'll spend most of your time when creating your course!


For further support visit our knowledge base section here.



Web App

Once the course is finalized in BluePrint, this is the public facing platform which is what your end user will interact with. 


Institution Admin and Tenant Dashboard (soon to be Console)

This is where you'll go to control the administrative aspects of your course – i.e. the end user won't have access. This includes things such as managing users and how the access the course, manage product settings and in the future version, Console the look and feel of the course.


For more information on Institutional Admin, go here.

For more information on Tenant Dashboard, go here.

For more information on Console, go here.



Boost Reporting Dashboard

Another administrative facing product, this analytics dashboard for our B2B customers displays progress and performance data for students within a B2B hierarchy, as well as aggregate data for each level of the hierarchy (i.e. groups of students, an entire institution, all institutions within a district, etc.).


For more information on Boost, go here.


Learning Hub (Coming Soon!)

For more information on Learning Hub, go here.


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