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4. Propagating Changes
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There are two ways to propagate changes to your bank courses. You can Auto-Propagate to all associate courses, or you can select individual courses to update through the Propagation Queue. Let's look at both of those in more depth:


Auto-propagating will apply any changes you've made in your bank course to all relevant associated courses. If, for example, you change a lesson in your bank course that has been cloned into two of four associated courses, Auto-Propagate will only update the two relevant courses. Here's how to do it:

  1. Edit your bank course with any updates you have planned
  2. Select Other Tools from the left navigation bar
  3. Select Auto-Propagate to propagate your changes to all associated courses!

Propagation Queue

To propagate changes, you’ll need to first navigate to the content you want to update in the Bank course.


At the bottom of the View page of your content , you should see an Associated Courses section if that content exists outside of the bank. If Matches Bank is True for all of them, that means the content is updated in all your child courses:



Now, edit your content.


Once you're done editing your content, save, and scroll to the bottom of the page again.


You should see that all of the True instances turn to False instances in the Matches Bank section.



Select the courses you want these changes pushed to (or Select All using the checkbox at the top). You will notice that the + Propagation Queue button will now be blue.


When ready, click the + Propagation Queue button to add your recent changes to the Propagation Queue.



You will get a prompt to confirm if you want to add your items to the Propagation Queue. Click "Yes, Add to Queue."



We’re now going to select Propagation Queue from the left hand navigation.



You should see a list of all the changes that you’re ready to propagate from your Bank to your relevant Associated Courses.



Click Build & Propagate to build the bank (so your content includes all your changes) and push that new content to your Associated Courses.


Click Clear Queue… if you no longer wish to update your Associated Courses.

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