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5. Building vs Publishing a Course
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Building a course pushes all your recent changes you made in BluePrint to our Learning Platform. If your course is live, then end users will now see these changes when studying.


Publishing a course makes your course available, or “live,” in the marketplace. Students can enroll and begin working through your course.


There are also some changes that happen in BluePrint:


  • Before your course is built, the status will read conversion on the Course Properties page.
    • When your course is built, this status changes to published.
  • When your course is in conversion, all imports replace the content that is currently in the system. For example, if you had 100 flashcards in your course and imported a new .csv with 120 flashcards, the original 100 flashcards would be deleted and replaced with the new set of 120.
    • After your course is published, imports add the new content without deleting the existing content. Using the same example as above, the new 120 flashcards would add to the existing 100 flashcards, for a total of 220.
      • NOTE: This could include duplicates. After your course is published, make sure to manage existing content and use the import tool for batch adding new content
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