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3. Resolving User Feedback / Content Errors in BluePrint
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In order to review User Feedback, first navigate to the User Feedback section in BluePrint.

You will now notice a list view of all (if any) User Feedback. You are able to filter through the feedback by different criteria like: 

  1. Status
  2. Content Type
  3. Date
  4. Category 
  5. Feedback With Replies

To view the Filters, simply click the "View Filters" link to expand all filters available:


When you’re looking at a piece of feedback in BluePrint, you can update the Status field to Resolved. To save your changes, click Update Feedback.


You can leave a response to a piece of feedback in the Your Response field. This does not send your reply to the user; it’s internal, so if another reviewer comes across this resolved piece of content, they can see any notes you’ve left on it.


You can also batch resolve from the main User Feedback page. Select the pieces of feedback you’d like to resolve, and then press the Pencil icon at the top. Choose the appropriate status.


You can also press the checkmark icon next to a given piece of feedback on this page to quickly resolve issues.

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