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User Feedback / Content Errors
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User Feedback is a chance for any of your learners to leave feedback on the course and its content. Learners can leave feedback in the Learning Platform while taking the course, and you can manage the feedback in BluePrint.


A learner can leave feedback on any piece of content by pressing Report Content Errors at the bottom of a given page.



The learner can categorize the issue type (e.g., “I found a typo,” “Something is missing,” “I have general feedback”) and leave a description. (Please note the character limit resp After submitting their feedback / content errors, learners will not be able to see their submissions or their corresponding statuses. They also won't be able to see feedback submitted by other learners.


NOTE: There is a limit of 2048 characters for the description.


Only BluePrint administrators (e.g. owners, collaborators, etc.) will be able to see user feedback. They'll be able to write additional comments and update the status of each individual feedback, such as if the issue is resolved or needs further discussion. For example, in the screenshot above, we see Jason Diamond's feedback entry along with the Edit and Reported dropdowns. This section is only visible to administrators within WebApp. This way administrators can work together in addressing the feedback that comes in from their learners.


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