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6. Creating and Editing an Adaptive Study Plan
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Creating an Adaptive Study Plan


Currently, there is no way to create a course directly inside BluePrint. Instead, you’ll need to work with BenchPrep’s Learning Design & Strategy Team to set it up.

Reach out to your LD&S Contact with the following information:


  1. The names of the Knowledge Sets you wish to create
    1. A Knowledge Set is a grouping of content by category. A Knowledge Set ties together lessons, flashcards, questions, and tests (usually by category, though your course might be configured differently)
  2. What content (by types and categories) should go into each Knowledge Set
  3. What importance value each Knowledge Set should have
    1. NOTE: This should be on a scale of 0.0 (not important) through 1.0 (essential). For example, you might have importance values of 0.5, 0.12, and 0.88.
  4. Whether a Knowledge Set is essential (meaning it will be included in the adaptive assessment) or optional (meaning it will be considered “Extra” Knowledge, e.g., “References,” “Getting Started,” et al.)


Editing an Adaptive Study Plan


To edit your already built Adaptive Study Plan, click Adaptive Study Categories in the left hand navigation, nested under Study Tasks.



These categories are the groupings of your Adaptive Study Plan. Here’s an explanation of the columns:


ID: This is the category ID in BluePrint.


Name: This is the name of the Study Category as it appears to your learners.


Supplementary: If “true,” that means the Study Category is supplementary, or optional, for your learners. It will appear in the “Extra Knowledge Set” for your learners. If “false,” then the category is not supplementary. This category will be included in the curriculum built by the adaptive study plan engine.


Importance: This is the “weight” of each category, with 0.00 being the least important, and 1.00 being the most. Combined with student performance, “Importance” helps the adaptive study plan engine determine the study order for the categories.


Actions: The eye and pencil icons are the same throughout BluePrint — you can use these to “View” and “Edit” the categories, respectively.


To edit one of these categories, press the Pencil icon.



On this “Edit Study Category” page, you have the ability to change the Name, Supplementary status, and Importance value. Make sure to click Update Study Category to save your changes.


NOTE: If you need to move certain content categories into or out of an Adaptive Study Plan Category, you will need to contact BenchPrep.

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