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1. Structured and Adaptive Study Plans
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The Structured and Adaptive Study Plans are the curriculums of your course. They weave together the various content pieces (lessons, questions, tests, etc.) into one study plan for your learners.


The Structured Study Plan is an A–Z progression through your course content. You specify that a learner should start with Topic A and move through its contents before working on Topic B, and so on. You can specify the order in which the content appears: you might want learners to first read through lessons, then review flashcards, take some practice questions, and then take a short quiz.


The Adaptive Study Plan is a personalized study plan through your course content. A learner would take a pre-assessment that informs our platform of that learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, based on the importance values (or exam weightings) that you’ve given us, our platform rearranges the content based on that learner’s individual needs. The content is arranged by Knowledge Sets. NOTE: For each Knowledge Set, our plan follows the lesson → flashcard → practice questions approach before moving to the next category. When a learner is ready for a test, they can select Test Your Knowledge.


You don’t need to have either one of these plans for your course to work on BenchPrep. You might have a modular course where students simply practice questions and take final assessments.

However, if you want to set-up the plans, you can do so with BenchPrep.

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