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8. Linking Questions to Passages
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There are multiple routes provided in BluePrint to allow you to add questions to your passages. This can be done through editing a question, editing a passage, or batch-assigning questions to a passage.


Editing a Question in BluePrint


  1. Select a question ID

  2. Click the green edit box in the upper right corner

    1. The Passage field will be at the top of the page below the External ID field

To add your passage, enter the ID to the passage you wish to associate the question to.



Editing a Passage


  1. Collect the Question IDs you wish to associate with a passage

  2. List them in the Associated Questions field

    1. It should be noted that when entering these values to list a value, add a comma and space, then list your next ID (EX: 123456, 123457, ...).


Batch Assigning


AFter creating your passage, it will join a bank of other passages to select from. To access this bank:

  1. Navigate to the Questions tab on the left menu

  2. Mark the questions you’d like to edit

  3. Select the batch edit button above the questions bank

    1. A Batch Edit window will appear above the questions bank with the drop-down labeled Passage

    2. If your passage has been saved appropriately, you’ll see your passage appear in the drop-down

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