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7. Passages
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Passages, in the context of BluePrint and BenchPrep course design, are used to group questions to common information. A passage could be used for a mathematical data set, an excerpt from a reading/document, or anything beyond.



To create a passage:

  1. Select the “Passages” menu option on the left panel in BluePrint, nested under "Questions"

  2. Navigate to the upper-right corner and select the green box displaying New Passage

  3. Once your content has been added to the appropriate fields, select Create at the bottom of the page and an ID will be assigned to your passage

    1. You can always find the passage you’ve created by scrolling through the Passages menu


Because questions relating to each passage are not generated within each passage you create, it’s important to remember the ID of each passage. Adding questions to passages takes place inside of each question, which will be reviewed in our next article.

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