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6. "Drag and Drop" Question Types
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Drag and Drop questions can come in two forms: Unordered and Ordered. The difference between the two is if having an order is relevant to the answer (which, as our example shows, if something like chronology affects or does not affect the answer). You could also utilize Drag and Drop for single-answer questions though it may be simpler to use other formats in most cases.


Ordered Drag and Drop


In this question, the order in which the answers are provided matters to the prompt. In BluePrint, you can accommodate for an ordered response using the Ordered Drag Drop answer type.

To create an Ordered Drag Drop question:

  1. On your Question Edit page in BluePrint, click Template > Drag Drop Question - ordered
  2. You can now edit the Drag and Drop template that appears in the WYSIWYG Editor
    1. The target containers can be relabeled as “Steps” or “Destinations” or whatever order you wish to use for your question
    2. The choice [letter] containers are the options to drag
  3. If you need to add or remove steps or options from the list, click Source to open the HTML
    1. Identify the target or choice container you wish to remove, and delete it
    2. You can add more targets or containers by copy+pasting the relevant <div> type, and then incrementing the data-index value up by 1
    3. For example, in the above screenshot, you could add a new div with data-index=”4” (NOTE: You’d want to make sure to include a new choice container to have an equal number of targets and choices)
  4. To set the correct order of your Drag and Drop question, scroll to the Type and Answers sections
  5. Set the question type to Ordered Drag Drop
  6. Click Add new answer until you see a number of options equal to your choice containers
  7. Click and drag the options to the correct order for your question (in the below example, we’ve rearranged to B, C, D, and A)
  8. Click Save


Unordered Drag and Drop


In situations where the order does not apply (say a “choose all that apply” question), the Unordered Drag Drop will be your better option.

Use the Template > Drag Drop Question - unordered template to create an Unordered Drag and Drop question.

Here’s an example of an unordered drag and drop question:



In this instance, the order in which the correct answers are applied does not affect how the answer is scored.

See above on how to edit your choice containers to add or remove options.


Then, scroll down to the Type and Answers sections.


For Type, choose Unordered Drag Drop.


For Answers, first, make sure you have the correct number of choices. Then, select only the choices that apply to your target container. In this example, answers A and D are the only acceptable answers, which translates to Metro and Hideout.




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