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5. "Hotspot" Question Type
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Hotspot question types allow students to select specific coordinates or a specific area on a given piece of content. These content types can range from charts/graphs/images, or, put simply, anything that can be described and selected within question and answer content, respectively.


The creative limitations for the hotspot question type are endless, but we’ll demonstrate two uses and how BluePrint can be used to realize those desired outcomes. It’s worth noting that question and answer content should be used in similar or identical ways you’d use other question types.



In this instance, the question is asking us to identify coordinate (-4, 1). When the student answers the question, a dot will appear on the spot they’ve identified as the proper answer to the question.


To mark the “hotspot” that allows for click points to qualify, you’ll want to add a hotspot and click each point that would make the perimeter of an acceptable click zone. The shaded/area will qualify as your acceptable hotspot.


To reiterate, this method not only works for charts/graphs, but can work for helping students/learners identify specific pieces of information/content given in a simple piece of media.


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