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4. "Numeric Entry" and "Text Entry" Question Types
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Numeric Entry and Text Entry question types require responses of numbers or text.


For Numeric Entry and Text Entry questions, the question content and answer content should be provided as other question types would dictate.


Numeric Entry and Text Entry question types are effective to use when you’d like learners/students to work through the questions themselves with no provided answers to guide them towards a solution.


With both question types, you’re allowed to have multiple answers be accepted. Within the danger zone of both question types, clicking the “Add another correct answer” link opens another field to populate with an additional answer. For example, 2+2 can equal both “4” and “4.0”. As both formats dictate the same answer, both can be acceptable answers if they’re entered as such in the “Danger Zone.”



For this question, the answer is “12”, but other variations of “12” could be accepted if the variation is applied.


In instances where multiple text entries could be accepted, creating an additional answer criteria in the Danger Zone would allow for that entry.

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