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3. "Table Entry" Question Type
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Table Entry question types provide an extremely versatile way of setting up questions with multiple layers of answers. Within a single question, a student/learner is able to answer multiple questions using a single set of data.


Question content is formatted similarly to other questions types. Answers and all necessary information should be listed in the question content. Answer content should contain explanations for the multiple answers that can exist within a “Table Entry” question.



When building your answers, insert a “table” into the question content field and answer bubbles will populate accordingly to those selections. In the “Danger Zone”, you can add rows and columns to account for the possible answers (so long as you have a corresponding table).



If this has been executed correctly, you’ll see your answer table populate accordingly. Notice how all the different columns account for different scenarios/instances as the single question requests.


This can be a daunting question type to set up accordingly, so feel free to reach out to BenchPrep directly should you need additional assistance configuring this question type.


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