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2. Types of Questions
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BenchPrep offers a plethora of question designs to ensure your learners/students and content SMEs can create the best option for your curriculum.


Multiple Choice - One Answer Allowed: The student/learner sees multiple answers to select, but only one is correct.


Multiple Choice - Multiple answers allowed: The student/learner sees multiple answers to select and more than one of those answers are correct.


Numeric Entry: The student/learner must enter a numeric value. Single or multiple values can be provided as correct answers from the SME/content manager. (I.E. 4 and 4.0 are acceptable answers.)


Range: This question type is an extension of the Numeric Entry question type. If the correct answer falls within a range (say 3.0–4.0) where any entry within this range is correct, then you can use this question type.


Text Entry: This question type instructs students to type the correct answer, usually a single word or a short phrase. The answer validates the students response, awarding them a “correct” or “incorrect” based on their entry.


Free Response: This is like the “Text Entry” question type, but there is no validation component. This question type is meant for longer responses, reflective statements, feedback, and/or summative purposes. For example, a question might ask a student to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using a certain system. Students receive a “Completed” status when finished — there is no “Correct” or “Incorrect” validation for this type.


Table Entry: Defining this is more complicated than a simple one/two sentence response. We have an article in this section dedicated to Table Entry question types should you want to learn more!


Ordered Drag Drop: This question type instructs a learner to correctly order a list of options. For example, it might ask a learner to correctly order the steps an electrician needs to take in order to replace a circuit.


Unordered Drag Drop: This question type is like the ordered drag and drop question, but order doesn’t matter. For example, a question might ask you to drag and drop the relevant tools needed to replace a circuit into the correct (digital) toolbox, and to ignore the ones that are unnecessary.


Multiple Choice - One answer, Multiple Valid Answers: The student/learner is presented with multiple correct answers, but is only able to select one of the presented answers.


Hotspot: This question type allows you to designate a certain area on an image or graph as being “correct,” and based on a learner’s mouse-click, awards them a “correct” or “incorrect” response. For example, you might ask a student to identify the source of a current in an image of a circuit. If they click on the correct source, they get the question right.

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