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2. Creating Content in BluePrint
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Similar to creating categories, you can create content manually or automatically.


Manual Creation


You can create Lessons from the Lesson Categories page or from the Lessons page. Each content type needs to be created in the Content section of BluePrint.

On each of these pages in the Content section, you can press the green New [Content Type] button in the top right corner.


Automatic Creation


You can automatically import content using Other Tools > Import Content. In the same way that you can automatically create content categories, you can automatically upload your content if you:

  • Include the HTML in the spreadsheet
  • Simultaneously upload your content as .html files

Our team can work with you on adding HTML to your .csv spreadsheets if you’re able to load them from a word processor such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
Use the Show Headers expander to view all the accepted headers for a given import spreadsheet.

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