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1. Creating Categories in BluePrint
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There are two ways to create categories in BluePrint: manually (inside of BluePrint) and automatically (using our Import tools).


Manual Creation


On each of the Categories pages, you can type in a category name, hit enter on your keyboard to preview it, and then press Save to commit the change.


If we wanted to create a Lesson Category tree that looked like:


  • How to Use This Course (top-level lesson category)
    • Welcome (subcategories)
    • Overview
    • Utilities


We’d first type these category names into the open field and hit enter:


To designate Welcome, Overview, and Utilities as subcategories, click and hold down on one of those nodes/boxes, and drag it under and to the right of the top-level category. Notice how they stick and stay indented:


Select Save at the bottom of the tree.


Once the categories have saved successfully, a green notification will indicate so at the top. All of the categories will collapse as well. The nodes (e.g., n1, n2, etc.) are assigned a content ID (e.g., 18133):


To view your categories, select the + sign to the left of each name. To view ALL categories, select the Expand All icon at the top:


Automatic Creation


In Other Tools > Import Content, you can directly import Lesson Categories using a .csv file with the headers:





So, for example, you could create the same tree as above by importing a .csv spreadsheet with the following data:




How to Use This Course


How to Use This Course


How to Use This Course



This will create the same category tree that we detailed in the Manual section.


Similarly, you can automatically create categories through the individual content import spreadsheets. For the columns that ask you to categorize your content, you can include new category names, and those categories will be created upon import.

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