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Introduction to BluePrint
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BluePrint is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers your courses on BenchPrep. If you’ve used WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or some other content organizing platform, you’ll recognize some similarities. BluePrint was built with learning content in mind, so the modules are more specific to learning. There are Lessons, Questions, Flashcards, Tests, and Essays. Each of these modules can be loaded and designed with your content. You can also create new content from BluePrint.

Home Page

When you first log in to BluePrint, you'll be taken to the home page. From here, you have quick access to your courses, learning paths, resources and more. You can also see a list of recent updates you and your team have made in your courses, highlighted here in red:


BluePrint categorizes content in a two-level structure:

  1. Top-level Category Subcategory
    1. Subcategory


Categories help organize content and power your analytics. You will get real-time data on how your learners are doing in a given category or subcategory of knowledge. This feedback informs learners on how they’re doing, and it can inform you on content difficulty and/or quality. You might want to flesh out a lesson that keeps confusing your learners, or delete a question that’s too easy.


BluePrint is also used to moderate learner discussions and resolve user feedback and reported errors, in addition to managing content.

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