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Time Accommodations Options
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Enabling time accommodations/extend time for a learner

The BenchPrep system supports an extended time accommodation feature for learners who need additional time to complete timed exams. The time accommodation feature is OFF by default for all learners but can be manually turned on for individual learner by Tenant Admins via the Tenant Dashboard.


If the feature is turned on for a learner, that learner would see the option to choose a time extension before beginning a timed test. The feature offers 1.5x, 2x and custom time multiples for the learner to pick from. Extended time allows learners to multiply the set time available to complete an exam by a percentage of the original time. Once an exam is started the time becomes locked.

Learner View:


To enable extended time accommodation follow these steps:

  1. Locate the user you would like to enable extended time accommodation for
  2. Click on the user to enter the user’s details page
  3. At the user’s detail page, click Edit button to the right of the user’s name
  4. To enable the extended time accommodation, check the box next to Extended Time Accommodation on top of the password field.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes


NOTE: If the feature is turned on for a learner, they would see the extended time accommodation option for any/all timed exams they have access to, regardless of course. 

Time Accomodation Options can also be set at the Exam level, or section of an Exam, in BluePrint. Follow this article for instructions on how to use the Time Accommodation Option in BluePrint.


If a particular exam has Time Accomodation Option enabled in BluePrint, the learner will be able to see available Extend Time Options, regardless of the Extended Time Accommodation check box status within Tenant Dashboard.

Time Accomodation option in BluePrint for a specific exam overrides Time Accommodation Option in Tenant Dashboard. 

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