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Introduction to Curriculums
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A curriculum is a custom study plan that an instructor or institution supervisor can create and assign to one or more students. 

Instructors and institution supervisors build curriculums by selecting existing Study Tasks from a course’s Structured Study Plan to assign to their students. This helps students break down large courses into smaller, digestible pieces, and can help focus on weak spots, since curriculums do not need to follow the order of tasks within the default Study Plan. Curriculums do not have due dates, and adding a Study Task to a curriculum does not remove it from the default Study Plan. 


Students can view the curriculum(s) assigned to them in the Study Plan section of their course. A student can be assigned to multiple curriculums within the same course. 

The curriculums listing shows all of the curriculums you’ve created, including their name, the course it’s in, its status (draft or assigned), the date it was assigned to users, the last day it was modified, the number of students in the curriculum, and the average user progress within the curriculum. You can search this page or sort the curriculums by name, status, assigned date, or last modified date. 

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